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Music Marketing and PR Services

Marketing is very important when trying to reach the masses. 

The minimum budget we will work with for marketing is $700 for 30 days and it goes up from there! We also offer individual services that START at $300. Just note you can't  get every service for that price. (Ex. Small Spotify & YouTube Playlist, Starter INTERNET Radio Spins) Our BDS, DRT Monitored and Licensed Internet Station is just $25 for 30 days of rotation. 

We will talk more about your goals and try to set up a game plan based on your budget during the phone consultation. The only exception to this is if you want to get just a radio campaign. 

Our PR services START at $500 per month on a 6 month contract. We do offer a 3 month contract please contact us for pricing. We have different levels of PR services that will be discussed in the phone consultation.


PR is everything media, magazine placement, press releases, blogs, red carpet events, media kits and biographies. PR marketing services are discounted when we are contracted to be your publicist. PR & Marketing are two (2) separate services. 


We do everything needed to get you seen and heard from 

Making Sure ALL Your Paperwork Is Done Properly! (PRO, Soundexchange, Soundscan etc)

Internet radio spins which are all DRT tracked spins! 

Real FM Spins! 

College Spins! 

Radio Spins Overseas! 

Music Played In Clubs With Video Proof! 

Magazine Placements! 

Radio Interviews! 

Podcast Interviews On Iheartradio & Spotify! 

Social Media Marketing/Management!




We Set Up Tours/Events!

Royalties On Live Performances! 


Features With Mainstream!

Booking Mainstream Artists!

Worldwide Digital Distribution With ISRC & UPC Code! 

One Sheets! 


Marketing Materials! 




Artist Development! 

Financing Options To Help With Start Up Cost! 

TV & Radio Commercials! 

Video Distribution!

Video Placements on BET Jams! 

WorldStar (no wait)! 

Spotify Campaigns! 

Soundcloud Campaigns! 

Plus Monetizing Your Soundcloud! 

Datpiff, Reverbnation, Tidal, Social Media, YouTube, Mixtape Campaigns!

DJ Pools! 

Email Blast! 

Press Releases! 


Product Placement! 

Submit Music To Movies & TV!

Brand Ambassador Work! 


LLC's & Corporations! 

Tax Concerns! 

Money Management! 

Street Team! 

So much more depending on your needs and budget! 

Past/current clients Boosie, NBA OG3Three, Taylor Girlz, Mako Girls, 10k, Shooter From LHHATL, Platinum Producer Cash Clay, Industry Overthrowers, MGR, Treats by Tie plus host of others.

If you know what you want to start with let us know. If not it's a $35 fee for a 15 minute consultation. The $35 is applied to your services if the invoice for services is paid within 24 hours of consultation. 

Thank you!

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The Pinky Redd Brand



Featured Video The Reality Is Radio Station & Podcast Commercial!  

Music by D-Love Song "Revive The Hood!"

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